The neon at Kawasaki Warehouse, Kawasaki, Japan

James Magahern

Cyberpunk, pizza freak, arcade rat

I’m an operating systems programmer by day, and by night I’m a wannabe artist and nocturnal hacker.

One of my major hobbies is collecting pinball and arcade games. I learned a lot about electronics from fixing broken games, and learned a lot about reverse-engineering software in order to preserve foreign games in my collection. I keep my collection at a private arcade-slash-hackerspace called XION, which is a never-ending source of projects on its own.

Many of my personal programming projects revolve around trying new stuff, automating my life, hacking the Linux desktop, or doing stuff with LEDs. I post nearly everything I do on my SourceHut or my GitHub.

I help run a local DanceDanceRevolution community called SF Evolved. This includes co-hosting a bi-weekly podcast called The Arrow Panel. DDR has been a major part of my life ever since I was a teenager. It was largely responsible for a lot of my current music tastes, and I met most of my friends through it as well.

Besides that, my other interests include hacker culture, cyberpunk art and literature, electronic music, science fiction, free/libre software, languages (human and computer), and transhumanism.

The logo featured on this site is my name written in one of my conscripts. I hope to write about it more someday, maybe once I properly digitize it.


Email buzzert (at)  
IRC buzzert on freenode
Discord buzzert#3712